Made with two layers of press-folded elettro-galvanised sheet steel with vertical strengthening in order to reinforce the points with the greatest risk of breakage.

• Adjustable HINGES allow the door’s height and width to be adjusted making installation easier and more precise;
• SUB FRAME with brackets to be fixed into the wall and 20/10 thickness epoxy powder painted RAL 8019 dark brown FRAME;
• OPENING LIMITER or door chain fitted as standard, and applied directly to the frame, It is engaged easily from inside by means of a knob;
• THE DOOR LEAF is fitted with 14 points of closure guaranteeing manual coupling;
• Mobile threshold/draught excluder positioned on the bottom of the door in contact with the floor ensures a hermetic seal against draughts and light;
• Double bit security locks and standard cylinder Certified lock and drill resistant plate to protect the lock GUARANTEED for 1 YEAR;
• Spy hole, bronze or brass handle/knob complete them.
• Available colours of MDF Panelling African walnut, walnut/mahogany dark walnut/cherry wood;
• Okume (mahogany-pink) panel guaranteed for external use and dyed and pantographed to design. External aluminium panels.

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