The company Stasi, founded by Luigi Stasi, has been a by-word for “Safety and Protection of your habitat” since its inception in 1957.
The armoured doors, armoured entrance ways, Fire doors which represent the production of the company Stasi come from the creativity and from the professional skill of its staff, as well as from the experience matured over 50 years of enthusiastic work; a characteristic which has permitted the company to obtain the “Premio Italia che lavora” (“Italy at work award”).

Today the workmanship visible in the company Stasi blends with state of the art technology, giving shape to a business made up of solid, elegant, technically perfect products which are always in line with the differing needs of its customers.

The large range of doors and entrance ways, the cherished finishes and the numerous colours available, extend the range of uses: private houses, technical offices, offices, industrial premises, etc. because every room requires security doors with different structure and closing system characteristics.

Do not hesitate to request information or consult the Stasi staff, we will be delighted to offer your environment all the protection that it deserves.

“We have been carrying out our work with enthusiasm for over 50 years with the intent of manufacturing doors and entrance ways which ensure some of the highest standards of reliability and solidity available on the market.”




Stasi srl
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